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Where do I even begin? Because at times I can’t even comprehend what the fuck is going on around me! Let’s start with the worldwide pandemic- Covid19. Well… to have a clearer picture actually, let’s start pre-covid19, most of my family members were together for Christmas and most of them were really really sick. My little brother even got hospitalized because he couldn’t breathe. The doctors couldn’t give him a diagnosis except that it was a very bad flu. A month after that, we start hearing about Coronavirus and I hear similar stories from other family and friends. Same symptoms and same diagnosis. March sent us into a panic and toilet paper was the most treasured thing in America for some reason? I still don’t get that… among many other things like people who refuse to wear face masks because it infringes on their rights. *rolls eyes* Anyway, we made the financial decision to move back to our hometown to live with my in-laws. It was a scary decision and one that made me feel defeated. I knew I had to say yes to it though because we were in some debt despite us having sold our home and profiting. We were still far from where we wanted to be. Yes, I was depressed the first couple of months before the move and about a month after the move, but I soon shifted my mindset from negative to positive. I have to give a shoutout to my journal and to my planner for this shift because writing down my end goal and then my plans to accomplish them really helped!

Moving all of our stuff to a storage unit
Having a fun and safe summer in their new city

I got my kids settled and comfortable with their new surrounding. Then, I found myself a job that I love! And I really do love it! I have always loved working with young kids and teaching has always been a part of my soul. So, naturally, I gravitated towards an education job. I wake up actually wanting to go into work and part of it too is that I get to work with one of my close friends and my co-workers are fun to work with. The kids are sweet too.

Getting our driveway installed in April
Doing lots of arts and crafts during quarantine (we do a lot of it anyway since I was a SAHM)

Back in October, we decided to invest in a travel trailer whom we call “The Early Riser”. We bought this because we were ready to upgrade our camping from tent to hard-side. We learned this after our trip in 2019 to Glacier National Park, which you can read here. When we started looking, we wanted to invest only $3,000 on a used one but reality hit and we both agreed that we did not have the time nor energy to re-do a used one. We got our camper the day before Labor Day Weekend and had so much fun with our family on our land. Now, we can stay on our land for an extended time plus, we plan to take this camper on our next road trip to Yellowstone next summer. The kids LOVE it and I’d have to say that I wish we would have done it sooner. Oh yeah, RV sales have gone up like 200% since Covid19. Since everyone and everything is virtual now, more people are selling their homes and profiting and hitting the road.

We traded in our mini-van for this Denali and got our camper a month after. They go hand-in-hand!

My husband and I have decided to be gun owners too and just took a CC class a week ago. And of course when we decide to be gun owners, we can’t find any guns we want available and ammo is basically out of stock or an arm and a leg to buy. doh! With the crazy shit happening these days, we need to be able to protect ourselves and our family. Just like with my daughter’s Epi-pen, a gun is good to have, but we hope we never have to use it on someone.

About a few weeks ago, I got a Covid19 scare but my test results came back negative. Unfortunately, one of our good friend and his sister just passed away from complications of this virus only 2 days apart. And I am brokenhearted by it. Our last meal and laugh together was back in August when we had moved back to town. He was on his way to a new job and a new city when this virus took over. We are unable to go to his visitation and burial- which is in itself, a tragedy but, because of this fucken virus we must remain safe. If 2020 had only one thing to teach me, it is this …

Appreciate what you have, for what you have can be gone in a moment.

RIP Deng and Shoua.

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