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What a year 2020 has proven to be! It’s only July and we have experienced so much already as a nation and as a humanity. The pandemic known as Covid-19 has not stopped or slowed down as the experts have forecasted. Everyday, it seems like the numbers keep rising in our communities. Whether the numbers are accurate or fabricated, is still a debate, but we can all agree that the fear still lingers from corner to corner. And now, more than ever, have we felt as a nation to protect our rights to life and liberty. We have two opposing sides and while there is a lot of conspiracy theories floating around the internet, I believe that to be firm in your beliefs is to have solid evidence to back it up. Which is why I’ve decided to write this blog post in order to transmit all of the information that I have gathered these past few months. I hope that these bits of information (and trust me- there is a lot of information out there) will help guide you in determining what is best for you, your family, and your community. Because we all come from different walks of life and live very different lifestyles, we also hail from different communities- some more effected by Covid-19 than others. So, please consider these points and do your own research as well.

Here is an article on the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) that calls on Americans to wear face masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Like I’ve mentioned before, wearing a face mask does not prevent you from getting a disease, it is to prevent you from spreading any disease that you may have.

There is increasing evidence that cloth face coverings help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others.

Content source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Earlier in the pandemic crisis, it was noted that only 2 types of people should wear face masks- those who were positive of Covid-19 and those who had to take care of these patients. It was only months later that those rules changed and now it is recommended that all people who go out in public spaces wear a face mask. This habit is so new to the Western world that it is causing a division- even the POTUS refuses to wear one. Yet in some parts of Asia, everyone wears a mask by default as a considerate and safer way to be about in public. The assumption is that anyone can be a carrier of the virus, even healthy people. Even before the outbreak, wearing a face mask was the cultural norm for these countries- even becoming a fashion statement. Here is the statistics graphic that compares mask-wearing countries to those that have an aversion to wearing a face masks. That graphic was last updated in April 2020 so you can imagine now what the line graphic looks by reviewing this Covid-19 worldwide tracker and this CDC Covid Data Tracker. The United States of America is number one with the most cases according to the worldwide tracker.

Here is a list of considerations for wearing cloth face coverings as recommended by the CDC. I’ve included below a list of resources to make your own face masks or to purchase face masks.


https://www.elliefunday.com/blogs/news/diy-protective-face-mask (My favorite pattern. It includes adult, child, and toddler size patterns with a mask filter pattern. This pattern fits more snug.)

https://freesewing.org/fu-facemask-freesewing.org.letter.pdf (This was the first pattern I tried. The mask pattern is taller so it didn’t fit as snug.)



NaturePedic Organic Cotton Face Masks ($49 for a pack of 6)

Hedley and Bennett Face Masks

For Days organic cotton face masks

Stitchroom Market

Alex & Nova reusable organic cotton face masks

Christy Dawn sustainable masks

As you navigate through these uncharted times, I hope you will become an advocate for yourself and your family by doing your own research and taking extra precautions. It is never a recommendation of mine to live your life filled with fear. That is most likely the one reason why people fall ill to sickness all the time. Stressing over something that has not even happened (or probably will never happen) is no way to live. Instead, educate yourself and practice good hygiene. Teach your kids while they are still young. Be mindful of one another. As always, using regular soap and hand washing is still the number one precaution you can take to spread a virus.

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