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We have taken advantage of the beautiful, warm weather on the weekends this month. It has definitely been Spring jacket weather and the best part about being outdoors right now… no mosquitoes! We caught some Suckers and crayfish. We started a fire and made S’mores! We took a ton of pictures and videos. And most importantly, we enjoyed one another’s company. This post is an update to what we’ve been up to lately.

Homeschooling has been challenging. With my son, it’s always been a power struggle. He’s a very smart kid and loves to argue his point of view. His teachers always say he’s an angel and their best student. He obviously listens to them. lol. So, trying to be their teacher as well as a SAHM to 2 little ones has been quite the struggle. And since the announcement of school canceling for the rest of this school year, we all have been struggling with finding ways to still educate our kids. It’s been interesting and I’m ever so thankful more than ever for teachers!

Molly turned 3 years old and the entire week leading up to her birthday, she’s been telling me that her cousins are coming over for her birthday. Which made me really sad because that is how our normal birthday parties are. Instead, we FaceTimed or Zoomed with our families and sang Happy Birthday to her. She loved her makeup, her Chanel-inspired pink purse, and her “pretty pretty” dresses and wanted to try them all on at once. She’s definitely my princess!

Our lot clearing has finally started too. It took us a couple of months and we had a handful of quotes but we decided to go with our neighbor’s recommendation. They still have to mow the trees and take out the stumps and install a driveway! Hoping that all gets done by Mother’s Day.

And last but not least… is this your current reality too? Face masks are not mandatory in my town, but it is in my sister’s city. I made a few for her and her family. I sold two. And I plan to make and donate a few before we move at the end of this month. In the county we live in, it’s now the county with the most positive test results of Covid-19. Thanks to an outbreak that happened at a local meat packaging plant. The plant FINALLY shut down but not before the big outbreak. Unfortunately, we knew a couple of those people- one of them being my husband’s brother in-law. So you see… the seriousness of this virus is legit. Remember to wear a face mask and gloves when you have to go out in public. Otherwise, staying home is your best option for now. Stay safe!

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