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I’ve always been a very optimistic person so I am choosing to look at this Covid-19 pandemic as a learning tool and again like I mentioned the other day, to reset. It’s horrible what is happening with the virus and how it’s effecting so many peoples lives right now. I hope you can look at the big picture and find a silver lining somewhere in there. A few positive aspects for me:

⁃ Timely blessings. I got a call today saying my baby’s dental surgery had been canceled. This surgery was weighing heavily on my heart because she is so little and she would have to be put under for a 40 minute surgery. I knew it had to be done but I was praying for an extension. And I was granted that today with that phone call. 🙏🏼 Her surgery will be rescheduled once all is clear.

⁃ The rice shortage effecting mostly the Asian communities. People are hoarding bags of rice and the store owners are price gouging and all of that is so reprehensible. Here is my positive outlook on it: I’ve been wanting to cut back on my rice intake anyway. The universe is telling me that now is my chance. So I’ve been finding other alternatives like cauliflower rice. And surprisingly, I love it! We only have a small container left of white rice and I’m not sweating at all.

⁃ A shortage of hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies. So the last few years and especially late last year when I went through a spiritual awakening, it was sending me signals to prepare for this. It was telling me that when these products run out, find alternatives. Which I did. I found natural and organic ways to make hand sanitizers, cleaning products, etc. So when the world went crazy because there were no more hand sanitizers at the stores (probably because of those 2 despicable brothers who hoarded like 18,000 bottles to sell at ridiculously high prices) I had the knowledge of making my own! Thank you Universe for looking out for me.

⁃ When schools closed and people were panicking about what to do with their children and how to educate them at home. I am blessed because I get to be a SAHM so I was not stressing about daycare options for my children. And I have a shitload of supplies to educate them at home. This is a positive for me and I am truly thankful.

⁃ Social distancing and everything shutting down has made me realize that I don’t need to depend on people making my food for me. I need to start doing that more. And this is making me question, do you really need to go out or do you really need to buy this and that? The answer lately has been, I’m surviving and doing good. I don’t need many things in life to survive. And since becoming a SAHM, I’ve gotten used to the “loneliness” that isolation brings with it. Again, my own journey and the universe preparing me for this.

⁃ Being mindful. All I have to say about this is that you have a civic duty regarding public health. Stay home during this time. Cover your mouth when you have to go out in public. Don’t hoard 50 packages of TP and 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. Please take care of yourself but also your neighbor.

I am praying for all of you and that hopefully in the very near future when this virus has been contained and under control, you can look back and say, “We survived this and it made us stronger.”

Because when I look back at the end of this year, I want to remember that it was not marked by fear, but by faith. Not by panic, but by prayer. And not by hatred, but by love.

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