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A little while ago, I found out through a group of women I chat with that I was not a part of a discussion group that this other mom had started to get feedback on her new venture as a mommy blogger. I felt bitter and questioned why she wouldn’t involve me since I was the most qualified out of them all. I had a blog and a couple of websites. I graduated in marketing and graphic communications. I was good at social media. I was qualified to give constructive feedback. So, why wasn’t I included in this group? Then, my husband said it…


I was competition??? That thought never even occurred to me. Then, the toxic thoughts started pouring in:

"I'm not even a business owner." 
"I don't have a bachelor's degree." 
"I'm not even that good." 

All of these negative thoughts, played with me for awhile honestly. The thought that if someone close to me couldn’t even ask me for free advice, how would anyone else see me as the real deal and pay me for my skills? Then one day, I stumbled upon some real good advice from the universe. The message was simple, but loud and clear and it said this to me, “Take your ego out of the equation.” Like, wow. That was a slap in the face and I needed to hear it. It didn’t matter why she didn’t include me. She had her own reasons and motives and it was not in our paths to align.

Once I took my ego out of the equation, I realized that there are a bunch of people doing the thing that I’m doing. Doing the thing she’s doing too. Not everybody is going to relate to you. So, this idea of competition just needs to get out of our psyche. I saw that I wasn’t honoring my own path and all the things that I had to learn in the process to get me to this stage.

I changed my mindset from then on and sought out ways to improve myself. I only open up social media now when I feel my best. If I open up social media from a place of negativity, it just puts even more toxic energy in my life.

When I open my Instagram and if I see somebody who’s doing what I want to do, it’s just proof to me that it’s possible.

This lack mentality mindset and competition does nobody any good. There is more than enough (wealth, love, success) to go around. The other thing that really helped me shift was to start journaling again. I used to journal a lot. I did it through most of my young adult life. So picking up a piece of paper and pen and writing down my thoughts and intentions really helped me feel grounded and keep me focused. I can’t wait to look back a year from now in that journal and see how far I’ve come.

Lastly, picking up a good book to read. I admit, I have been really bad at this ever since having kids back-to-back. I haven’t made time and a big part of me was missing because I stopped reading books. So, I picked up a few books recently and they have been life changing! Wanna know what they are? The first book was, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, which teaches you to use “The Law of Attraction” to get what you want in life. The next book that I’m in the middle of reading is, Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I love reading these self-care books and learning how to be the next level me. So, I definitely recommend picking these two books up and diving into them when you feel it call to you.

If you’d like to reflect and start shifting your mindset for the new year, then I’ve got something I think you’ll enjoy. You can download and print my Reflection Exercise now and start living the life that you were meant to live. I don’t need you to subscribe to my blog or join my mailing list. I just need you to enjoy this process and share with your loved ones! Thank you so much for going along with me on my journey. I hope you continue to do so. Wishing you an abundance of all things good for 2020!

You’ll never feel wealthy or worthy if you don’t look around at what you have and feel grateful now. So honor the path that you are on.

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