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I considered being a fashion designer when I was younger. I loved fashion! Everything about it was so glam and exciting. I liked new things and I liked changing- evolving. It wasn’t until I had became a mom that I started taking a backseat and started minimizing my closet. I liked buying new things but it quickly demolished my bank account. On top of buying diapers and baby stuff too, I quickly went into debt. So, instead of working harder for my wardrobe, I decided to work smarter. I began understanding my body type and what worked for me and the lifestyle that I was now living. Instead of buying things just because they were on sale, I started buying things to last. So, although I may not be a fashion influencer or in the industry, I do know a couple of things. One is, being a mom and the other is being comfortable yet still look put together. So here is my list of 15 essential items for that motherhood lifestyle.

  1. The 3rd Piece. In the summer, I like using long scarves as my 3rd piece and in the colder months, I like a jacket such as this utility jacket from Madewell.
  2. The neutral cardigan. I actually prefer a beige cardigan because it goes with almost everything in my closet. I look for lightweight and not long past my butt.
  3. A lightweight sweater.
  4. Tanks. Choose ones with simple prints such as stripes and also have some solid tanks too.
  5. Baggy tees. Again, choose to have both stripes and solid tees in your closet.
  6. High waisted “Mom” jeans are so on trend right now.
  7. Joggers because, Hello… comfort!
  8. Black leggings. Be sure that these don’t fall into the athletic side of leggings as this is the cross between athletic and athleisure.
  9. Slip-on sneakers. I love these ones by Vince. They are the Blair 5 sneakers and I love them because they have elastic on the top sides of the shoes and they’re made of this amazing leather that is so easy to clean!
  10. The booties for when you want to dress it up a bit.
  11. A large tote such as this one by Longchamp. The handles are long so it glides onto your shoulders with ease. It’s also made of nylon so cleaning is a breeze and I’m all about easy cleaning solutions!
  12. A belt bag for those quick grocery store runs when you don’t have to carry around a huge honking diaper bag.
  13. A vintage looking baseball cap (to cover the 3 day old unwashed hair).
  14. A wool fedora for dressing up your outfit. I like the ones by Rag & Bone.
  15. Sunnies to make you look put together when you’re not or when you wanna feel like a “cool mom”. Go ahead! Put the sunglasses on!!!

Tell me what your mommy essentials are? I would like to know if they’re similar to mine or completely different. After all, we each have our own style and lifestyle.

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