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When we purchased our first home together 10 years ago, we were just a young couple starting out. Without the Obama First Time Homeowner’s bill, I don’t think we could have done it. We never imagined that we could have any children of our own to fill this tiny home up. But just in the past 6 years, we’ve grown from a young couple to a family of six! We feel a little crowded in this home and though we LOVE this area, we need a bigger house. So, with a little sadness, I’m here to announce that we’ve decided to sell this home in hopes we will either buy a bigger house or build a bigger house in the near future. At first, I just wanted to buy because we do have young kids who need all of our attention right now. Even trying to find a new house is difficult because of them. So I can just imagine how it’d be like if we were trying to build one from the ground up. Still… I believe that God has a bigger plan for us and the reason why we aren’t able to find a “perfect” house for us is because he wants us to build it and plant our roots. Before we purchased our first home together, we were already attending the Parade of New Homes here in the area and gathering ideas of what we want in our forever home. You can say that I was the one that got my husband introduced to the idea (just like Game of Thrones). I’ve planted a bug inside his head and he’s been into it ever since!

So, with no luck in finding that “perfect house”, we’ve decided to just look for land instead to put down some roots. We still hope to sell our home before July and move out. We’re ready to rent if need to, but my husband suggested that we go back and live with his parents back in our hometown and he will just drive the 1.5 hours to work every day. I am definitely leaning towards “NO” for that idea, but I have not completely thrown it out the window. I mean, it would save us a lot of money and I would get help with the kids. But, I would have to sacrifice a lot of things like my own privacy and my Nyab2k status (inside joke). Plus, I don’t like the idea of moving the kids around a lot and our hometown is SO small that we don’t even like to visit often. I told my husband that I’d be fine with just renting a small apartment until we either finish building or find that perfect house to move into.

At this time, we are certain that we will just build instead. I mean, why wouldn’t we right? We’ve lived at our current place for 10 years and have attended numerous Parade of Homes so I think we’ve got our style and aesthetics down. We just need to decide on a budget and stick with it. Also, find a builder who can make our dreams into a reality. So, this post is just a quick update as to what is happening in my life right now and also to just put it out there that THIS is what we want. God has always provided for us and he will continue to do so. I am letting everything go and handing it over to him now.

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