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It’s already the second week into the new year and I have not written anything yet about my goals for 2019, but I have good reason to! I have a ton I want to accomplish this year since my goal last year was just to take it easy (pregnant with my 4th). We had our home renovation project last year which was to install a wood deck (that was a nightmare). This year’s home renovation project- the master suite. I want to add a floral print wallpaper to the accent wall in our bedroom and then I want to redo the flooring and the counter tops in our master bath. Then, I want to add cosmetic things like a tufted headboard, curtains for the windows, and maybe a new ceiling light. Just minor cosmetic things since we’ve literally had to replace every major thing in our home since we bought it in 2009!

We also have a couple of weddings to attend this year, one is out of state, so we will be traveling for that. We are driving down for the wedding- a 13 hour drive if you don’t stop, but I am pragmatic and will plan for a 16 hour drive instead. Which is fine because it will prep us for our big road trip later this summer to Montana- which is a 21 hour drive. Either way, wish us luck and pray for us! lol.

A BIG goal of mine this year to tackle is finishing the web development program I enrolled in this past Fall. I did go to school for it but have since not done anything with my degree and with the many new web languages that have emerged, I feel like now is the time to put myself back into the game and make something out of it. Also, I hope to make some passive income with the new skills that I’ll be acquiring from this program.

And lastly, I really want to find my “DRIVE” this year. My motivation to get shit done. Like lose the stubborn marriage & pregnancy weight for good. Like setting realistic goals and crushing them in a timely fashion. And finally, going on that adventure that I’ve been dreaming about for a few years now. I mean, now I’ll have 4 little ones to share the adventure with so outlook is different now but end goal is still the same which is – live in the moment!

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