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From left to right: Egg by Susan Lazar top and Old Navy trousers // Jamie Kay sweater, Carter’s floral dress and Old Navy boots // Rylee + Cru bonnet and top, Zara pants and Gymboree oxfords // Quincy Mae footed onesie and Cialaco hair bow

When it comes to family photos, finding outfits to wear can be just as challenging as finding the right photographer. Remember when your mom made you and your sisters wear the same floral lace dress? Gone are the days of match-matchy. It can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be with these 5 simple tips for coordinating a family photo wardrobe. Follow these tips for picking out the perfect wardrobe for your family on picture day.

TIP #1: Consider your background. By the time you’ve booked your photographer, you’ve probably thought about what kind of setting you want to take the photos. Indoor. Outdoor. Fall or Winter. What kind of backdrop you pick will determine what kind of clothes and accessories you’ll need for your picture day. Remember, if you’re taking outdoor pictures, you’ll need to consider the weather for that season. Warmer weather means less clothes and maybe more accessories. Colder weather means more layers. Also, you don’t want to wear clothes that will blend in with your backdrop. Imagine taking pictures in a black backdrop and you’re all wearing black. It’ll look like you all have floating heads!

TIP #2: Plan ahead. You should already be thinking of what clothes you’ll be wearing once you book your session. If you wait until last minute, the clothes might not fit right or it might be dirty among other issues. You should also look for accessories such as a vest for your son or a hair bow for your daughter. Ask your photographer if they’ll be bringing any accessories to the photo shoot or what props they’ll be bringing to the shoot. If there is a special item that you want to include, make sure you talk with your photographer about it so they know how to photograph it.

TIP #3: Things to avoid. Here are some clothing tips to avoid when coordinating your outfits. Avoid things with distracting graphics or cartoons. Limit patterns. And avoid all black or all white clothing. These are all distracting and take away from the spotlight of the photograph- you and your beautiful family.

TIP #4: Shop clothing collections. If you want a cohesive look without being too matchy, then shop brand collections. There is bound to be a piece for every one in the family and bonus- you don’t have to shop all over town (or online) for your outfits. It’ll save you time and money (shipping fees). I’d stick to a brand that you know and have worn before so you won’t have to scramble to return items.

TIP #5: Classic never goes out of style. Remember that these photos will remain on your walls for a long time. Going simple, but classic will make the photos timeless.

So there you have it! Follow these 5 simple tips and you’ll make it look effortless! Now comes the hard part, getting your kids to cooperate. Let me know if you plan on getting family pictures taken this season and what you plan on wearing?!

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  1. Anna MV says:

    These are great tips, Sue…Thanks for sharing! I love your blog!


    1. MamaSue says:

      Thank you, Anna. ❤️


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