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I’ve been MIA and for good reason. My last post was back in June and I’ve been meaning to write more posts- in fact, I had a new blog post idea each week but I just never got around to it because… SUMMER!!! That’s right. I’ve just been relaxing with my kids and being that this will be our last pregnancy, I just wanted to enjoy every moment of it. This summer has been extremely humid so we have not gone outside as much as we wanted. Plus, with my emergency hospital visit due to me fainting from exhaustion, we decided to just take it easy and not push ourselves this summer. So, my kids have been driving me crazy and I don’t blame them. I feel bad that I can’t take them outside to run around like normal kids. I’ll for sure make it up next summer! I’m already planning our big family road trip to Glacier National Park and talking about it with my kids have got them excited. They keep asking me every day if its the family road trip yet. LOL…

So, we welcomed baby Emily to the world last saturday. I honestly felt like I had 1 more week with her baking inside but I guess she had other plans. Labor went smooth and we were discharged in 24 hours which was great because when you have 3 little ones waiting for you at home, you just can’t take advantage of the hospice stay and gotta leave to take care of the little rug rats at home. Everyone welcomed baby Emily with open arms and we’re all smitten with her- especially her big sister Ruby. Ruby has always had “mother instincts” so she just jumped right in once Emily came home. And Molly has been extremely gentle with Emily, which took me by surprise because Anakin was the opposite at her age. And Molly has been doing great with her Dad at night. I’d have to say, Molly is the easiest baby to transition into any new situation. She just manages it like a boss! And Anakin, well… he’s been saying he’s the big brother and he will protect his sisters. He’s the best! Emily has been so dreamy. She doesn’t cry often and sleeps most of the day so it’s been easy so far. I’m so happy my husband is able to take a month off so I can recover and we can adjust being a family of six. Wow… I still can’t believe it. From having infertility issues and now having 4 kids within a 5 year period. It’s truly a blessing. God is great!


At the beginning of the summer, we went to a beach in Door County and had a wonderful day with family. We also got a wood deck installed and now we are enjoying our summers outside in the backyard- finally! It only took us 10 years to really enjoy our backyard. But we are happy with our investment and hope the summer weather lasts a little longer so we can enjoy more of it.


PS: If you’re looking for a maternity swimsuit, Gap had this one and it’s a silhouette I usually don’t wear (off the shoulders) but this one was good! I loved rocking my belly this summer.

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