The Best Toys to Keep Your Kids Busy

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Now that school is out, you’re probably busy planning your family vacation. Whether it be a road trip or a flying trip, you’ll need to figure out what to do with your kids and how to keep them occupied for XX amount of hours till you reach your destination. Bringing an iPad would be nice but it’s useless without WiFi and you sorta want your child to be unplugged. So, here are the best electronic alternatives to occupy your kids.

  • Target Busy Bag: I found these recently at my local Target dollar spot. There were only 2 themes to choose from (ocean and dinosaur theme) so I got one of each.  The plastic bags that the games came in were big enough to fit other items in there plus the zipper was easy enough for my 3 year old to use. She especially likes the, Go Fish, game.
  • Buckle Toy: My 3 year old is obsessed with buckling and unbuckling seat belts. She’s become so good at it that by the time I buckle my 1 year old in, she’s already got herself situated. So, I knew that this buckle toy would come in handy for her. I like that there is a secret pocket so she can hide her little trinkets inside.
  • Boogie Board Scribble ‘n Play: this eWriter lets children scribble, draw, write and then erase with push of a button. I like that no paper or markers are involved and it’s sleek enough to slide into the back pocket of the driver/passenger seats.
  • Water Wow by Melissa & Doug: I love these reusable, mess-free, paint with water, spiral bound pads! The colors reveal in water and then dry to erase and fill in again. My kids think its magic!
  • Create your own busy box. Here’s how: get a plain metal box. Glue on Lego baseplates on the top. Put some of your kids’ Legos in a sandwich bag and stick it inside. You can also add these cute magnet men or these nesting dolls to the box. Throw in some magnetic alphabet letters too and you’ve got yourself a nice start to a busy box to keep your kids occupied!

Let me know if you’re planning on a summer vacation with your kids and what you plan on doing to keep them occupied for the entire trip! I have nothing planned for my family this summer since baby #4 is due at the end of July but we still take out our busy bags/boxes for the kids when we want them to unplug and just be kids. It’s fun bonding with them over a new board or card game we also enjoyed as kids.


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