Second (or 3rd, 4th, or 10th) Time Mom Must Haves

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When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was showered with a ton of love and gifts. You see, from my side of the family alone I have 9 sisters and 3 brothers. You add that with my husband’s side of the family too and well… it’s a small community. We were together for 9 years before we found out we were pregnant. So, everybody was anxiously waiting for a little one from us. When they heard that we were expecting FINALLY- they threw us the sweetest Disney-Pixar UP themed baby shower. We truly felt loved! We received so many gifts that it took us a month to organize everything.

Now that we’re on our fourth baby, we have most of the basic necessities already like a crib (which my kids never slept in cause we co-slept), strollers, car seats and booster seats, clothes, towels, and all the toys and books in the world. So, what could you possibly need for your second, third, or tenth baby? Well… not as much as your first but you’ll still need some things depending on your situation. Here are the items I still need as I am approaching my due date with baby number four.

An Infant Car Seat

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.45.45 AM

With our current situation right now, Molly would still be under 2 years of age when baby arrives in July. So, technically, she should still be in an infant car seat (check your state laws regarding this here). So, if you’re in the same situation as I am or it’s been awhile since your last baby and your car seat has expired (yes… they do have expiration dates) you’ll need to get a new infant car seat. We have always used and loved our Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat and base (even though all of our kids hated the infant car seats). This is a new one on the market now that has a zip canopy, visor and boot. Wow! It looks amazing and cozy (for those long winter months).

A Stroller (or double stroller)

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 5.00.27 PM

We currently have a single stroller that came as a travel system with our Keyfit 30 car seat and then we have a double jogger by BabyTrend. We hardly take the double stroller out anymore because its pretty wide and won’t fit through standard doors. So, that’s always been an issue with the side-by-side strollers. There are some brands who make side-by-side strollers that will fit through standard doors but those are usually around the $400+ price range. We had a Chicco Cortina Double stroller like the one above and we liked it, but for my petite size, lifting it up and out of the car was challenging. If you’ve got a little one plus a baby on the way then you’ll definitely need a double stroller. Depending on your budget, you can find plenty of double strollers in the market these days. Buying second-hand is also an option so look around.

A BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.55.45 AM

My two older kids hated their pacifiers. I think part of the reason was because the nipple was too long so they always gagged on it. It wasn’t until I had Molly that I discovered NaturSutten Pacifiers. They’re made with a one-piece design so that means no joints or cracks where germs can easily hide. The soft rubber material has a more natural feel rather than the artificial silicone used in mass produced pacifiers. It’s available in different styles such as a rounded nipple or an orthodontic nipple and a butterfly shape so it fits around your baby’s nose or a circular shape which gently touches your baby’s nose to stimulate breastfeeding. Molly used this pacifier until she was 4 months old and then she stopped using it. Please always replace your pacifiers every 6-8 weeks.

100% Cotton Muslin Swaddles

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 10.07.05 AM

When we were pregnant with our first, we had bought a ton of warm, cotton and fleece swaddles and blankets. We never considered that he would be born in the summer. Needless to say, he was never really wrapped because all of the swaddles I had were too warm for our humid summers. That is probably the reason why he hates blankets now. LOL! Then with my second, I finally found Aden + Anais cotton muslin swaddles and WOW- they are definitely a must-have if it’s your first or seventh baby. The quality is amazing and they are very large in size so if you happen to have a large baby then these would work perfectly for you. They’re soft and breathable which I love for those warmer days, but then they’re also made so that you can keep your baby cozy for the colder days. The prints are beautiful and cute. I usually tend to gravitate towards gender-neutral designs and I’m glad that Aden + Anais makes so many to cater all kinds of parents.

Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 10.19.28 AM

As you may have figured out with your first baby, they’re disgusting (I say that in the nicest way possible)- especially when they’re sick! I never liked using the nose-suckers that they give you at the hospital because I’ve seen viral posts going around how disgusting those things are on the inside after using them. Yuck! Which is why I love this product from Fridababy. The tube is clear so you see exactly what goes in and out. You’re protected from sucking in anything because of the smart hygiene filters. And you can easily clean them. I recommend getting this one because it comes with 20 extra hygiene filters. Have fun sucking out those boogers!

Organic cotton footed Overalls

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 10.26.39 AM

These overalls from L’ovedbaby are so popular across social media because they are SO soft and well made. Made with 100% cotton, these GOTS-certified organic footies are ethically made in India. They contain no alkylphenols, phthalates, flame retardants, azo dyes, organotin compounds, perfluorinated chemicals, chlorobenzenes, chlorinated solvents, chlorophenols, short-chain chlorinated paraffins, cadmium, lead, mercury or chromium, sometimes used in clothing. The smaller sizes have a cuffed/fold-over mitt sleeve so your baby don’t scratch themselves and they have so many colors to choose from. 

Hypoallergenic Shampoo and Body Wash

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 3.47.06 PM

Not all products are made the same and since I’ve had my kids, I’ve become more conscious about what I put into their bodies as well as on their skin. Sure, we can’t protect them from all harmful chemicals in the world, but educating yourself about the foods and products you’re using will make an impact in your lives. I have used Honest Shampoo and Body Wash since the kids were newborns and I’ve since also tried out other organic companies such as Tubby Todd. I look for terms such as “hypoallergenic” since my kids are pretty sensitive. I like this one from The Honest Company as well as Tubby Todd products.

So tell me parents, what products do you recommend now that you’ve had a child or two or ten?


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