ThredUP: How it Works

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ThredUP How it Works

Spring to me means a season of change and renewal. And what better way to act on that then to do a little spring cleaning around the house and get rid of the unnecessary things in your life. I have been trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle and have been doing spring cleaning since February. So far, we have donated/sold over $500 dollars worth of “junk”. And we have a lot more to get rid of. How and why did we accumulate so much junk? Half of the stuff were gifts or pass-me-downs such as baby clothes. The other half were stuff that we thought we needed. Thinking about the money we invested in those items make me upset. I could have been saving that or putting that money towards my kids’ college funds. So, instead of just donating it, I started selling it for a small profit in return. You can google reselling sites and you’ll get a whole bunch pop up. You can even resell on Facebook Marketplace. What has been working for me for a few years now, especially when it comes to apparel, are the sites Poshmark and ThredUP. If you’re interested in how ThredUP works, then you’ll want to read on. Here, I’ll list the steps in how it works as well as give you some tips on what’s worked for me in the past.


Step 1: You’ll want to download the app and sign up for a free account. You can do so by clicking on my personal referral link here. You’ll get $10 to spend for your first purchase and I’ll get $10 when you spend it. Win-win!

Step 2: Order a Clean Out Kit. You can easily request one on the app once you’ve created your account. Go to the “SELL TO US” tab and click on the “Order a Clean Out Kit” button. There are 3 bag options to select from.

  1. A FREE Standard Bag- Pays you for accepted items at no rush. There are no bag fees.
  2. A $16.00 Expedited Bag- Pays you for accepted items and a bag fee of $16.00 dollars will be deducted from your earnings. Your bag will be processed within one week of arrival.
  3. A FREE Donation Bag- Donates all your items to charity and ThredUP gives you a tax receipt emailed to you.

NOTE: ThredUP quality standards are very high. On average, they accept less than 50% of items sent in a bag. Clothing should be in excellent condition, on-trend and in season, and by top brands. You can double check on the app what brands are accepted or not accepted. So, if you would like your items that are not accepted back, you can then select “Return Assurance” after you’ve selected which type of bag you want to receive (the 3 types listed above) for a fee of $10.99 (obviously to ship your items back to you). Upfront items that are likely to sell quickly will receive a payout as soon as these items are processed. Consignment items that may take longer to sell because of the unique nature of the items will be paid for upon sale. These consignment items are listed for 84 days. They can then be reclaimed 7 days after they’re first listed up until 14 days after their listing window ends.

After this section, you’ll take a short survey of what types of items you’ll be sending them and the quality that they’re in. This is just a generalization of what your bag may contain. You’ll receive your bag in the mail in a week after your request.

Step 3: Clean out your closets (ThredUP accepts women and kids apparel items). If you selected Return Assurance, then a great tip I suggest is take a picture or make a note of the items you are sending to them. That way, you’ll have a note of what you all sent in and what items were accepted or not.

Step 4: Your Clean Out Bag comes with a pre-paid shipping label for USPS. Drop it off at your local post office.

That’s it! ThredUP makes it pretty simple for you to sell your items. They do all the legwork for you like taking pictures of your items and posting them up with descriptions and shipping to your buyers, etc. Now comes the wait! Here’s what happens next after you’ve sent your bag to them.

thredup how it works


Once you’ve sent in your Clean Out Bag, you’ll receive an email notification when your bag arrives at their distribution center. Once your bag has been processed, you’ll receive an email stating how much you’ve earned. For my past bags I’ve sent in, this usually took about 2-3 weeks. For the first 14 days you can use your payout to shop on ThredUP. After 14 days you can cash out using PayPal (fees apply) or a ThredUP Visa Prepaid card (no fees).

Unaccepted items that are in great shape but don’t meet ThredUP standards are sold to third party sellers. Items that are no longer wearable are passed onto their textile recycling partners and upcycled.

TIP: Download the ThredUP app. This is a very useful app where you can keep track of your orders, your Clean Out Bags that you’ve sent in and the items that were accepted and sold. You’ll even get to see how much they were sold for. You can also do your shopping on the app. I’ve found some great maternity pieces on ThredUP and I’ve never had to use my own money for purchases- only ThredUP credits.

So those are the basics and probably the most important steps on how to sell and make money on ThredUP. If you found this post helpful, please “like” it and pin it on your Pinterest board. Also, don’t forget to use my personal referral link here for $10 spending credit on your first purchase.

I’ll be posting about Poshmark in the near future so make sure to stop by again to read up on that. I have a lot to say about Poshmark since it’s the reselling site that I’ve been with the longest and I’ve made the most money off of. So you’ll definitely want to try read up on that first before you make the leap to join!



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  1. Roni Pesina says:

    There’s definately a lot to learn about this topic. I like all the points you’ve made.


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