Mommy Favorites – Phone Apps Edition

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The Canva app for iPhone has definitely been a game changer for me when it comes to creating beautiful graphics for my blog and social media sites. I am a graphic designer so I have this rule against using other people’s stock images for my personal use. And that is part of the reason why it takes forever for me to update my blog because as you all know, once you take a picture you don’t just stop there. You have to photoshop it and also add some cool graphics and texts to it so it can draw in viewers. That’s why I love this app. It already has graphic presets that fit the site where you’re trying to upload it to- for example, Instagram’s famous square images. Most of the presets are free but others you do have to pay for depending on the technical aspects of the image. Once you’ve created your graphic image, it automatically saves into “Your Designs” folder where you can go back and edit it if you need to. Having this app has definitely saved me on time because instead of logging into my iMac to create graphics, I can just do it on my phone and upload it once I’m satisfied with the final result. I really recommend this app if you like creating your own personal graphic images. Most of the presets are beautifully designed so there’s not much you need to edit.

Example of my designs and the types of presets available for your use


The Snapseed app is the mini version of Photoshop for phones. I use this in conjunction with the Canva app because although my iPhone 7+ takes pretty awesome photos, I still need to edit a few lighting details here and there. My favorite thing about this app is that it saves my last edits so if I have a series of photos that I need to fix, I just refer back to the last edits and it automatically edits the photos for me from the last presets that I used. You can choose to save it as a new image or modify the original and save over the original photo. This app has also saved me a lot of time. In fact, I don’t even remember the last time I had to jump on my iMac and open up my Photoshop.

The Snapseed app is a mini Photoshop

If you’re short on time or don’t have a desktop to work from, I highly recommend uploading these 2 apps for your phone. Not only will it save you time but you don’t have to get up and log into a desktop- you can just work while you’re breastfeeding!

What other phone apps have you used for your blogging business that you recommend? I’d love to hear about them and see for myself if it’s right for me. If you like my Mommy  Favorites series, you can read the rest here.



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