Molly is 11 Months Old

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It just seems like yesterday I was posting about her 10 month update and now she’s already 11 months old. Wow! Can time just stand still for 2 minutes? Our Molly is quite the super baby. She has proven again that she can transition easily and she overcomes any challenges that we throw at her. A month ago, my breast milk supply had stopped (due to my pregnancy) so we had a bit of an issue with her gaining weight. Our older two children hated taking the bottle and formula so our hopes were not that high with Molly. When we gave the formula to her, she refused the first few times and we had a week’s worth of restless nights fighting that. She finally gave in after we tricked her a few times by pouring some into her cup and letting her sip out of a straw after her meals. She does phenomenally taking the bottle and she drinks about 10 ounces of formula a day now. Since switching her, she’s also doing great at sleeping through the night (most nights) and she even lets her Daddy put her to sleep. Which has been a huge relief for me. I remember when I was pregnant with Ruby, and Anakin was still refusing to sleep without me. It caused a lot of stress and guilt and probably why transitioning from 1 kid to 2 kids was so difficult for me. Molly also loves to say “uh oh” like… 100 times a day. When she drops something she says “uh oh”. When she farts out loud she says “uh oh”. LOL! It’s the most adorable thing EVER! In a blink of an eye, her first birthday will be here and I think that day I’ll just be a puddle of tears. Molly, why can’t you be my baby a little bit longer?

So, speaking of transitions, we have done quite a lot of that in all aspects around here lately. We recently moved the kids out of our bedroom and into their own rooms. Finally!!! Anakin, who is my worry-wort, had the most difficult time transitioning. Ruby was my champ and made it through without much hassle. My husband had to sleep with them the first couple of weeks so they could get comfortable in their own room. I now tuck them in before bedtime and they’ve been doing wonderfully sleeping on their own. Anakin got up the first night a few times to check up on us and Ruby fell off the bed the other night, but other than that they’ve surprised me a lot. I’m so proud of them and it makes me feel even better and hopeful about baby #4’s arrival in July.

This week is Spring Break and though the weather be quite dreary lately and it’s not looking hopeful for Easter, I hope you all still have a lovely time with your loved ones. I’ll be posting here and there on my Instagram (@mamasuelife) account so be sure to follow along.


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