Molly is 10 Months Old

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I’ve already started planning her first birthday and it feels like the biggest punch in the gut. Molly was truly a sigh of relief after the rough postpartum I went through with Ruby (my second child). Molly fit right into our family like she was meant for us. She has a minor cold right now with the changing of weather and she is somewhat miserable because she’s teething, but other than that she has been doing really well with everything else. Since I am no longer producing a ton of breast milk, she is taking soy milk well in her sippy cup. She refuses a regular bottle just like the older two kids. And just like the older siblings, she had an allergic reaction to regular infant formula. I hope she is like her brother and she will outgrow it soon after turning one year old. So for now, we are giving her soy milk and she is satisfied with it. She is also eating a ton of food (she loves meat and blueberries) and she is finally pulling herself up to stand. She’s had a few tumbles and ouchies, but she still persists. She probably won’t be walking any time soon since she’s still kind of wobbly. Molly loves music, crayons, paper, and sticking anything she finds on the floor in her mouth. Which keeps me on my toes with cleaning the house. Unfortunately, she is still very attached to my hips where I can’t even brush my teeth and wash my face without her tugging on my pants and crying like a maniac to be held. My hope is that once she starts walking on her own, she will be more independent and play with her older siblings so I can have more free time. Of course, that won’t last long because baby #4 will be here already in July. *sighs* This is the life I chose. #motherhood

Molly outfit details
Romper- Old Navy (last Summer) // Moccboots- SweetNSwag // Hair Bow- MaisieLovesNory

Letterboard is bought from Etsy but you can find tons here on Amazon.



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