Molly is 9 Months Old & 2018 New Year Goals

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So sorry it’s been forever since my last published post. We’ve had quite the busy ending to 2017 and I was blindsided by it all. We were traveling non-stop every weekend since Thanksgiving and it was so hard on me on all aspects. First, we find out that my husband’s Grandma was really ill and basically we only had a week to say our last goodbyes to her. After we spent some time with her, she passed away and we traveled back home every weekend since to be with family and to prepare her funeral. Then, my family got hit bad with the stomach flu and it wasn’t all at once. It was one person after another and each person was sick for a week! This was the worse stomach flu I’ve ever seen and was told that this year especially, the stomach bug was the worse. Molly had it really bad since she was so young and her body was fighting it like crazy. She had a high fever of 104 for 5 days straight. We had many visits to the Urgent Care and finally, to the ER. And between all of this, I find out that I’m pregnant too. It was a lot to take in and honestly, I felt the baby blues really bad. I did not want this pregnancy, at least not so soon since Molly is not even one year old yet. I had Anakin and Ruby close in age and that was super hard for me to transition into. They’re the best of friends now but at the time, I just wanted to quit being a mother. So, thinking back to those harder times, I didn’t want the next baby to be so close in age but, it was all in God’s timing. I just have to trust that everything happens for a reason.

Anyway, onto Molly turning 9 months… she is crawling on all fours now which makes her more independent but oh so naughty now. She has 2 bottom front teeth and is eating solids now. She loves eating her meats and can eat forever! She just recently started drinking out of a straw so I’ve been on the search for the perfect sippy cup for her. She loves music like her older siblings and is still pretty talkative. She also likes to dance and shake her head to the music she hears. Molly still co-sleeps with us which is fine because she gets up a few times a night to nurse. She is always curious when we take her out to different places and she seems the happiest when there’s a big crowd around. I still think she’s my best baby so far and I’m praying that our next one will prove me wrong and be the best baby I’ve ever had! LOL…

So here I am… my plans for 2018 has been altered a little. No more basement refinishing or new home. Instead, we are looking for a minivan now and taking our time being a family of five. Baby 4 arrives in July and so that will give us some time to plan and prepare that this will be our last child. No vacations or summer travels for us this year, but that’s ok. So my goal for 2018 is just to take it easy. Yes! Plain and simple. I spend a lot of time planning (I’m an obsessive planner) and it would be nice for once to just take it day by day and let the magic of each new day surprise me and be my teacher. I am looking forward to 2018 now that I’ve stopped planning for it. God has bigger plans for us and I can’t wait to see it all unfold.


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