Giving Thanks to Teachers- a Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

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Teachers are special people. Some of the most important people in my life who has made a lasting impact on me are teachers. The one thing you’ll find in common with teachers is that they really love what they do. At the beginning of this school year, my biggest fear was that Anakin would not like school because despite all my teaching efforts, he did not seem interested in “learning” at all. I was afraid he would have a difficult time in school because of this but, he has been a different kid ever since the first day of school. Most of this stems from having an awesome teacher. Every day when he comes home, he tells me that his best friend is his teacher. This makes me feel like my kid is safe and in the most trusted hands ever. So, I really wanted to get her something to show my appreciation for all that she does. Actually, Anakin has 2 teachers (a helper) whom he talks about a lot too. So of course whenever I’m looking for ideas, I hop onto Pinterest and start searching. I stumbled upon this idea and thought it’d fit perfectly with Anakin’s teachers because they both love Starbucks. Here’s the finished gift.



Now here is what you’ll need:

Starbucks giftcard
Chocolate or candy
Starbucks small cup with a dome lid
Starbucks small straw
Gift Bag Stuffers (found at the dollar section at Target)
Canva app to create your card



You can customize it by adding their favorite candy, but if you don’t know then a piece of chocolate never disappoints. My personal favorite kind of chocolate to give is Ferrero Rocher, otherwise Justin’s is pretty popular too. You can write up a special thank you note or something that goes well with a Starbucks gift is this, “Thanks a latte”. It’s simple but memorable and cute. I am a graphic designer, but when I’m running low on time, I like to use a graphic design app on my phone to create my graphics. It takes less than 10 minutes and I have something cute to print out and attach to the gift. I like using the Canva app on my iPhone and it has saved me so much time. I am going to add that to my Mommy Favorites for Winter so be sure to read my review about that app.

When looking for ideas, I posted to Facebook and got a lot of creative ideas including a keychain, a book, or a custom canvas art that your child makes. If you’re not short on time, these are all great options. How do you show appreciation for your kid(s) teachers? I’d like to hear some new and creative gift ideas to store for the next few years.


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