DIY- Foaming Hand Soap

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This time of year, I always make sure to live a healthier lifestyle because of all the viruses that are going around. This means I spend a lot of money on hand soaps. Many hand soaps on the market are full of toxic artificial scents and chemicals, including triclosan which has been linked to hormone-disrupting properties in children and adults. We go through soap extra fast around here so when I am running low, I make my own foaming hand soap. Here is my DIY hand soap:

1 empty foaming soap container (I reuse the Method ones I buy from Target)
2 TSP Shower Gel Base
1 TBSP Vegetable Clycerin
10 drops Essential oil

Fill the bottle with 2/3 water, add ingredients, shake well and you’ve got fresh and safe soap for less than $1 a bottle! This would also make a great gift as well. If you don’t have empty foaming soap containers, try searching on for some.


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