Milestones for my Girls

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The month of October holds many special events for me. I got married this month 14 years ago. I had my first daughter 3 years ago and now Molly hit her 6 month milestone this month. I have lots of beautiful connections to the month of October and I look forward to this month (and Halloween) every year. Here is what went down this month.

We got sick (everyone except for my husband of course). We seemed to have been passing rounds of the cold around and it has not been a wonderful month like I was hoping for. Instead, I’ve had to deal with many sleepless nights and running noses, and bad coughs, and making sure everyone took their medicine on time. It has been quite hectic around here and I’m pleased to say that we are doing much better now and I’m happy that it’s November! A fresh new start and praying that we don’t get sick anymore for the rest of the year.

Ruby turned three on the 20th and we celebrated by throwing her a Trollstice Party. It was a beautiful Autumn day with temps in the low 70’s. I’m so happy the weather was good for us because the next day it went down hill and the temp dropped to the 50’s. That’s crazy Wisconsin weather for y’all. Anyway, she had her family come celebrate and we had a dance party and a pinata and most importantly, we singed her the Happy Birthday Song. She watches her brother’s birthday video on YouTube like, 10 times a day and I always feel bad because I don’t have any of her birthday videos uploaded. So I made it a goal of mine to capture her special day and create a video to upload to YouTube for her. That was my gift to her and she loved it! She now watches that video instead 20 times a day! LOL!!!


Molly also hit an important milestone this month. She turned half a year old and she’s been a Sass ever since. Seriously. Could be because she’s teething, but still… she’s not my calm and happy baby anymore. Her temper is starting to make Anakin’s temper look angelic and her patience is next to nothing. It just makes me afraid of what the toddler years are going to look like. LOL! Nevertheless, she was still my good baby and I’ll always remember her as that. I’m hoping it’s just teething or a phase and that she will be my happy baby again.



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