Mommy’s Favorites – Autumn Edition

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I’m so behind on these, but I’m not giving up on these posts just yet! I love these favorites editions because I love letting you in on what I’ve been enjoying or what has made my life more easier. So here are some of my favorites- Fall edition because you know… life.

Photo Sep 25, 1 10 47 PM
Mabo Kids Chloe ruffle sleeve dress in clover gauze

So if you don’t follow me on Instagram (you really should!) then you don’t know that I like to shop small. I shop small because I want to support the talent, drive and creativity of moms across the country. I shop with my wallet but most importantly, my heart. I support people I respect and care about seeing them succeed. I pay extra for quality, but I like to know where my clothes are coming from. I also have a lot of Target, Old Navy, Gap, etc. clothes as well. Many of these are gifts or hand-me-downs. Having the generosity of family and friends allows me to invest my own money in quality, small shops like Mabo Kids. Their garments are designed and manufactured in the USA in small volume. They focus on timeless style, ethical and sustainable production methods, and natural fibers. I was first introduced to them when I had my first born. I was shopping through Instagram mothers and stumbled upon their lovely stories. I have been shopping from them ever since. My kids love their organic cotton clothes and they have lasted a very long time- passing down from oldest to youngest. I highly recommend that you at least try their organic cotton line. They are the most softest clothes I’ve felt in years.


This app is built for school. It let’s teachers and parents communicate in real-time and is used in more than 70% of U.S. public schools. I like this app because it allows me to communicate directly to my kid’s teacher or I can connect with other parents of kids in his class. It’s easy to use with clean graphics and easy on the eyes fonts. I totally recommend this app for parents and teachers instead of text messaging or emails because those can get lost among the junk that also comes through. Learn more about the Remind app here.


I must be on Instagram way too much because then I start seeing these ads and clicking on them is so easy and then it takes me on a magical ride and I end up buying things (damn you marketing experts!). I am so happy that I landed on this little piece of heaven though. Roolee is an online boutique for women and household items. I was immediately drawn into Roolee because they had a section just for moms! Yay!!! I couldn’t believe that there were so many options available on this site for nursing moms. It was hard to choose but I bought the Mikayla MOM dress because I liked that the zippers were higher up instead of lower like most of their nursing dresses. I’m happy I went with this because the size medium fit like a glove- no alterations needed. I love it when that happens. It’s like I’ve hit the jackpot of dress shopping online. I’ve already ordered another one (because I always say that if you find something you like, you should always get 2 of them) and am contemplating another style to try out. They are a bit pricey but try finding a nursing-friendly dress online and you’ll come out with the same outcome as me. I’ll wait for a sale to try a different dress but for now, I’m content with this one.

Titletown District in Green Bay, Wisconsin

We heard about the project last year and was really looking forward to it since then. We thought, “Finally!!! Something big for Green Bay that will draw in more people.” And we were right. We went opening weekend (the district isn’t fully completed yet but the parts that are completed is open to the public) and it was packed! And we have gone another time since opening weekend and it was packed too. My kiddos love this place. They call it “Packer Playground” and they enjoy doing “Ninja Warrior” every time they come here. My son always tries to tackle the hard obstacles and my daughter likes the different slides there. I like that it’s clean and safe for little kids. No woodchips or cement. Just this soft, stable surface that doesn’t hurt all that much when you fall down. There’s lots of benches and tables too for sitting. Also, there is a bistro there where you can order food and in the winter, the sledding hill will be open as well as the ice skating rink so I can’t wait to see how all that will look like. I would like to see an area where they can hold concerts or play movies in the park. Also, a little shopping mall wouldn’t hurt.

What are some of your favorites for Autumn? Pumpkin spice lattes??? LOL.

Mommy Favorites



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