Summer of 2017

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Hello friends! Our summer has quickly ended and I’m just not ready for the change of seasons. Sure we all love the cool down and the colorful transformation that autumn brings (not to mention all the pumpkin spice everything), but I don’t want to say goodbye to our unstructured lives just yet. This summer has been magical because of the many “Firsts” that we got to experience as a family. All of our greatest memories have been created in one summer or another. Why must all good things come to an end?

Since my last post, we have done so many great and simple things from picking strawberries to going on camping excursions. We loved that it was a lazy summer in a way. I didn’t get to take the kiddos on their daily walks around the neighborhood because tackling 3 kids seemed quite challenging and the weather was just very emo this summer. I already have many plans for next summer and can’t wait to see the sun setting in the late evening once again. We just have to survive through the colder seasons.

Today, my oldest had his first day of school and it was bittersweet. I’m so proud that he didn’t cry or throw a tantrum. He said his goodbyes and we hugged and kissed and he never looked back. I was happy but my heart hurt. I pray that God bless him throughout his academic career and that he do his best and do it with love.

Here are some random pictures of summer 2017. I’ll miss you…

It’s more fun with lots of little cousins!



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