Molly is 3 Months Old

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Time certainly flew by with Molly. She continues to be an amazing baby every day. She’s so content to be by herself and gives me the greatest smile whenever she sees me. She thinks her brother is pretty funny and laughs whenever he talks. She adores her sister Ruby because she always leans into her whenever she’s near. She already has a great connection with all of us and her aunties and Grandparents just think the world of her. It’s so easy to love her because she’s so beautiful. She did wonderful on her first camping experience. I kept her mostly inside the tent because the mosquitoes and humidity was fierce, but that didn’t damper her spirit at all. No one heard a peep from her except for when she was talking to herself or me when I laid down next to her. She loves sucking her fists and chewing her nuki. I wished she would like the nuki more but I have faith she will get there one day. She’s already doing so much better than her older siblings. She also did great on her first big road trip down to Chicago and for the camping trip. This girl loves noise and when it’s too quiet, she can’t be still. She is going to be a social butterfly! I can’t wait to see her character start developing and seeing how she will interact with her older siblings once she’s mobile, but until then- stay my baby forever!


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