Rockets of Awesome Subscription Box Review

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Just like my other children’s clothing subscription box, Rockets of Awesome is also a request a box subscription (meaning they will only send you a box and charge you if you request it). I liked the catchy ads for this company so I thought I would give it a try. Shipping took about a week to get and when it arrived, it was in this cool box with a plastic handle and inside was a silver wrapping paper to make it look out of this world! Pretty good packaging and brand identity. Now, lets go inside and see what we got!


Anakin’s box consisted of 13 items and of these, I only kept two- a rash guard and swim trunks. The swim trunks I thought were unique and I loved the bright neon color on Anakin. Size 3T was still a bit too big on him but he will grow into it. The rash guard fit nice, a little longer on the sleeves but it was comfortable for him. I only paid for what I kept and sent the rest back. I paid $48 for this outfit and I have to say, I would never pay this much for a swim outfit. Honestly, I could find better deals at Gap or other clothing retailers. The quality is of GAP quality so I didn’t mind paying a bit more, but this is probably the last box I’ll be getting for my kids from Rockets of Awesome. I didn’t find any of their clothes to be extra special or different. And for the price point, I could find better deals elsewhere. The only subscribers who would continue this box would be for those who don’t have a lot of time to do shopping online or in person. So this is an easy solution for them.

The online website is super easy to navigate and user-friendly, so I give them props for that! I received an email right away for my bill and my returns. I probably won’t order again unless there is a special discount or sale going on. Otherwise, I prefer my Mac&Mia subscription box for unique clothing items.




If you’re interested in signing up and receiving a box, please consider using my referral link here. It doesn’t cost you anything unless you decide to keep the items they send you. So it’s worth a try!


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