2017 Summer Bucket List

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Summer is my favorite season because I can actually enjoy the outdoors comfortably. I live in Wisconsin where the winters are super harsh and being cooped up in a house with kids is not fun all day every day. That’s why we look forward to the warmer than usual Spring season when we can finally go outside just wearing thin layers and breathe in the cool air. I spend a lot of time in the Winter thinking of what I’ll be doing in the Summer with my kids. Not only is the weather warmer but the days are longer which means more time doing the things we love such as going for walks around the neighborhood or playing at the park. This Summer has been kind of wacky lately with the up and down weather. It’s been raining a lot and very windy here. So we’ve been dying for a warmer day to hit the pools. And since I have 3 kids now, things have gotten a bit more challenging. I still have not ventured out solo with the 3 kids and frankly, I’m terrified at the thought of it. So, I’ve been shying away from doing the things I love most about this time of year. Which makes me sad because its going to be the last Summer before Anakin goes to school and I feel bad about not giving them my full attention now that Molly is here. The pains of Motherhood I tell ya!

So… to beat the Summer blues and to kick my butt into gear and get rid of my fears, I’ve decided to create a Summer Bucket List. What better way to challenge myself and add a bit of fun (and normalcy) than a bucket list?! So here goes… my 2017 Summer Bucket List:

  1. Visit the train museum at least once a week. We have a membership there and my kids love going there. It’s boring to me, but I love watching them as they look through a train and their eyes light up with curiosity and excitement! We visited so much last season that I know the tour by heart. It was easy with 2 kids. Now that I have three, it will be a bit more challenging but, I’m determined to make this happen for my kids.
  2. Go to a zoo. I love the Milwaukee Zoo and like teaching my kids about animals. My husband and I love watching documentaries on animals so we think it’s a great start for our kids. My kids like going there because of the Safari Train (which is pretty neat) but, I’m hoping they will enjoy more of the animal watching this time around.
  3. Go to Chicago for a weekend. I seriously love this big city in the midwest. It’s actually my favorite big city that I’ve visited. Why? Well… that’s another post later on because I’ve got a trip already in the books that is coming up pretty soon! I can’t wait to share with you all. Check my Instagram page for lots of pictures and videos!
  4. Go camping. We do this every year anyway with family but I thought I would just add this to the list because now we will be doing so with an infant! We’ve never done this before. We’ve always camped with our kids when they were at least 1 year old. I don’t know how it will go but I’m praying really hard that it’ll go smooth with just a few minor hiccups here and there.
  5. Hit the local swimming pools- probably doing this solo since my husband doesn’t like crowded areas and the pools usually get crowded here. Wish me luck!
  6. Go pick strawberries because duh- they’re yummy and it’s fun for the kids.
  7. Go to Mall of America- because we live in the Midwest and it’s fun for the kids. Not so much us. Maybe we will have to go on a weekday this time! Anywho… planning on going there to go school shopping for Anakin.
  8. Go hiking and exploring the trails around the city. Green Bay is full of hiking/walking/biking trails. None of which I’ve ever been on. So, I think this is the year to hit that goal and cross it off the list.
  9. Try out a new sport or activity. I’m planning on doing this at our family camping trip that is coming up. I’ve always wanted to try paddle boarding so I’m looking into it and thinking about crossing this off my list too this Summer.
  10. Attend the Lavender Festival in Door County. I wanted to go last Summer but heard about it a bit too late. We’re planning on going this year and I can’t wait to see all the purple wonder on the island.

So, there you have it! My Summer bucket list. I hope this gives you an idea of what you’d like to add on your list as well. I’ll do an end of Summer post to recap this bucket list of mine.


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