A Reintroduction: 5 Things About Me

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I’ve done a lot of reflecting lately- mostly what I want to do with my social media presence. At the beginning of this year, I made it a goal of mine to be more active with my accounts and to create quality content across all social media platforms. This means more in depth blog posts, better picture qualities on Instagram, and more videos on YouTube. As I’m going through my archives, I couldn’t help but notice that I never introduced myself to my readers. I mean, the main part of my mission was to connect with other Mothers and parents alike. How can I do that if they don’t even know some basics about me?! So here goes- 6 years later and a proper introduction. Consider this a fresh new start to the blog.

  1. The name “MamaSue” came about a few years ago when I was married but still childless. My younger sister had 2 adorable sons who were like my children and they loved me like I was their Mother. Everywhere I went, they went. They were attached to me! So, my sisters started referring to me as MamaSue because they had questioned if I was their Mama or their Auntie. It was fitting and has stuck around since then. PS: they still call me “MamaSue”.
  2. I was married for 9 years before getting pregnant. At first, it was a mutual decision to not start a family since we were both very young (married at 20 years old) and was still going through college. When we graduated college, we wanted to buy a house and all the other things we wanted but couldn’t afford while still in college. So babies were again put on hold. Finally, after purchasing our home, we decided the ducks lined up perfectly and it was time. And let me tell you, it’s when you start trying that it never works out like how you imagined it would. We tried for a few years until we finally sought medical help but by then, I was already a month pregnant. God was really testing us!
  3. I always wanted to be a Fashion Designer when I was younger. I was into the arts and did a lot of drawing and photography while growing up. I took fashion classes while in school and used up all of my hard earned money on fashion magazines and books. I wish I would have stepped out of the box and pursued my passion instead of listening to my parents. They told me I’d never make it big if I went that route and instead I should go into the medical field. That’s one thing I vow I’d never do to my kids. Whatever their passion, I’d support them 100% percent!
  4. I had a knack for writing and did pretty damn good in high school English and writing classes- even though I missed half of my senior year because I skipped out. I never had below a ‘B’ grade in writing and I never should have passed high school but, because I wrote so well, my English teachers were impressed and let me pass. My favorite teacher once told me, “Sue, you’re a great writer but you have no discipline.”. He was right on point! I still lack discipline in some areas of my life. I’m working hard on that part of me.
  5. I’m a night owl. Always have been. I don’t do mornings and if I lived the perfect life, that would mean mornings start at 1pm for me. Not sure what it is about the night that makes my brain activity come to life but, that’s when all these ideas come into sight. Maybe it’s the dead silence that doesn’t clog up my thoughts? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s that! Anyway, you’ll mostly see me posting strange and unusual things in the middle of the night so don’t be surprised.


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