4 Awesome Things I Love About My Preschooler

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This post is all about Anakin because today is his 4th birthday. Happy birthday to you, Anakin!!!! You have changed my world for the better in every single way. I’m so blessed to have an intelligent and loving son like you. 

Since today is his official birth date and he’s now 4 years old, I thought I’d share 4 special things about him.

1. He’s got a love for music. This kid has always loved music since he was a baby. It started with music end credits from movies. Now, it’s evolved into music on the radio. This kid has an incredible memory and can memorize lyrics to a song after just a few times hearing it. His current favorite is Blackbird (from the movie, Baby Boss) and Die a Happy Man by Nelly. I love listening to this kid belt out the lyrics with so much passion! I hope this love for music never goes away because I’m really looking forward to seeing him sing in school concerts.

2. He loves both of his sisters very much. Sure, he had a rough start with Ruby, but now they are like salt and pepper. Glued to each other at all times. She also looks up to him and copies whatever he does. I’m so happy they have each other. It was very rough for me at first to have them both be babies but now that they’re older and so close in age, they’ve got a love for one another that can only be explained or known if you’ve got that kind of relationship with your siblings. He also loves his baby sister so much. He can’t get enough of her and I’m happy we went with the name he picked out for her. Molly suits her so well. It’s like he knew from the very beginning!

3. He’s got a love for trains. I thought that he would grow out of it by now but he still loves trains very much. I don’t even know where he got the obsession from but it suits him well because he’s got such a great memory, he can remember all of the trains and their names. He knows which train makes which noise and what type of train they are. He loves them so much, he named his baby sister after one. LOL!

4. He tells me every night before we go to sleep that he loves me. And that, my friends, is worth every thing in the universe to me. 

Happy Birthday Anakin!


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