Transitioning from two kids to three

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When I had Ruby (my 2nd child) it was very difficult. It was a hard pregnancy at first because I had bad morning sickness and motion sickness. The labor was difficult and I had to get induced again. The recovery was worse and then my husband only had 1 week of leave from his job which was filled with doctor visits and checkups. My son was only 16 months at the time and still very young to understand what was going on and then Ruby was colicky for 1 full year. Transitioning from one child to two was a dark place for me. I had plenty of help but both of my kids wanted nobody else but me. My husband had a new job and was not home that often. So you could say, I went through a very challenging transition. So when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child, all the negative memories came crushing through. What was I getting myself into now?! Having 2 kids was bad enough for my mental state. Three would totally destroy it. I was nervous but, I so wanted this child. I prayed really hard that baby 3 would be an angel for me. And so far, it seems my prayers were answered.

Transitioning from 2 kids to 3 kids have been easy-peezy for me. One- because my two kids are “older” so they understand what’s going on around them. Two- because they’re older they’re more independent and since they’re so close in age, they have become the best of friends and keep each other company. Three- my husband was able to take a month off from his job to stay home with me when Molly arrived. So that helped a lot!!! Seriously, I can’t say enough how important number three was for me. Just having that support and the help after postpartum was such a burden off my shoulders. Not only was my husband there to help, but my mother in-law also took a week off to come help. She helped watched my older 2 kids when we were hospitalized. Its a good thing Molly didn’t have any jaundice or complications and we were released a day after giving birth. Transitioning this time was very pleasant and makes me want to have baby number 4 right away. LOL!


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