Anakin turns Four

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Anakin turns 4 years old in a week, but we threw a birthday party for him Memorial Weekend since all of his cousins and aunties and uncles were coming into town. We had it at the National Railroad Museum here in Green Bay (his favorite place in the entire world) and it was a day to remember! First off, the weather was perfect on Saturday- sunny, warm but not humid and no sight of rain. Something rare for Wisconsin in Spring. Then, Sunday came (his birthday party day) and it poured down that morning … like a lot. The plan was to grill some food and bring over to the museum so our guests could eat there. So, he had to grill in our garage. Which was fine except it stunk up the garage. It was a crazy morning at the house because we had a ton of family over and little kids running around every where. Good thing I am a planner and had planned for a chaotic morning so I had things laid out 2 weeks in advance. Boxes full of stuff I needed to bring to the party was packed away and ready to go. I had the party favors done and neatly organized and all that had to be done was get ready, get the kids ready, and go!

The venue was nicely decorated and ready by the time we arrived. The host came out in the parking lot and greeted us. He was very very nice and welcoming. Our guests enjoyed touring the museum and riding on the train ride. Anakin had awesome birthday presents and an awesome birthday cake from the venue and every kid enjoyed it so much that they were looking forward to Anakin’s birthday next year already. LOL!

 It was a fun time and I would do it again at the train museum. For accommodating that many people- especially kids, they did an awesome job! I wish I would have taken more pictures of that day but I had my hands full as you can imagine. Oh- and Molly was PERFECT. All she did was eat and sleep. Again… the perfect baby. It makes my life easier.



It was an epic birthday party. All of the little kids want to know if Anakin’s birthdays will be here from now on. All I have to say to that is, if this kid continues to want to have it here, I’ll keep doing them for him. We love him!

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