Molly is One Month Old

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It’s hard to believe that Molly is already a month old today. We welcomed our third addition on Monday, April 24th and after not agreeing on any names- we decided to name her Molly which her brother picked out. You see, Anakin is into Thomas the Train and there is a yellow train on the show named, Molly. He really likes that train and was set on that name for his new baby sister. And now that she’s a month old, I can say that he picked out the perfect name for her. She is such a calm baby. She sleeps through the loudest noises- in fact, she loves noise. She sleeps through the night already and is nursing like a champ! She still has a lot of gas which she will learn to pass through her system but right now, her grunts are so cute. She takes the pacifier and she seems to be doing well in her car seat and on car rides. She also likes water, the sound of running water, and taking baths. So pretty much, she’s been a dream come true! By far, she’s the best baby I’ve had so far which makes wanting a 4th one right away seem like a possibility BUT… let’s not go there just yet! LOL.


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