Soar on the Shore event – Algoma, WI

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The 2nd annual Sore on the Shore event in Algoma, Wisconsin was held this past weekend. The event was scheduled only for Saturday but the storms rolled in and although there were some kites that went up on Saturday, not a lot of people came to see it because of the weather. Thankfully, the decided to give it a go on Sunday – which was a much better day to fly kites. Unfortunately though, the winds were not cooperating and the big kites didn’t go up. Only a few smaller kites. We bought a kite too hoping to fly it but we saw how difficult it was for the professionals to fly their kites so we just left it unopened. Instead, our kids were much more interested in the sand and pebbles lying on the beach. It was still nice though to visit a beach we haven’t gone to before and it was only a short drive away. Crescent Beach is a very beautiful beach full of washed up pebbles from Lake Michigan. We collected about 30 pebbles and brought them home. We’re hoping to turn them into art pretty soon. I look forward to next year’s event and will pray that it’s much better kite flying conditions.

She loves playing with sand. She’s my wild child!


Posing for a photo with Mommy.


We made a short stroll over to the red lighthouse.


Unfortunately, Daddy and Ruby couldn’t go any further.


Our nice pebble collection from Crescent Beach.


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