Milwaukee Zoo

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Riding the Safari Train at the Milwaukee Zoo

This year is our 2nd year going to the Milwaukee Zoo we were hoping for a smoother time there than last year. Last year, Anakin had just turned 2 years old and boy was he terrible! He had no patience to wait in line for the train and when our turn had ended, he did not want to get off. He threw a major tantrum and screamed so loud that I’m sure everyone on the far side of the zoo heard. Well, this year he understands the concept of waiting for your turn (thanks to waiting in lines for the trains at Bay Beach) and getting off the train when your turn has ended. He was really good about everything! The only thing was that we had a funeral to attend that morning too so he was really pooped out from everything and by the time we got to seeing some animals, I could tell he had no energy to really hold his attention any longer. We will continue to make this an annual trip and the only thing changing next year is that he will no longer be free. *insert sad face here*

You can see more of the Milwaukee Zoo footage on my YouTube channel – MamaSue Life


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