The North Face Kaiju 6 Tent Review

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The North Face Kaiju 6 tent review
The North Face Kaiju 6 tent

So, a couple of months ago I posted about this tent that we purchased, The North Face Kaiju 6 person tent. We were finally able to use it on our first camping trip of the Summer and here are my thoughts on it.

The first night we camped, it stormed on us and the next morning when I woke, I saw a puddle of rain on the rainfly directly above where I was sleeping (see video below). I thought, “Oh crap! I paid a shit load of money for this tent and it did not even hold up!” Well… it turns out that my husband did not guy out the rainfly according to instructions and he actually didn’t guy out the sides at all- leaving it loose. That’s why there was a puddle. The next night, he did guy out the rainfly correctly but since it did not rain, I didn’t have a chance to see if that helped or not.

It’s pretty easy to set up for a traditional tent but when you’re in a rush because of the bad weather, it could get frustrating!

This tent also has no way to have a vent of air to move through it unless you completely remove the rainfly- exposing the tent. It was very humid and I’m glad that it only stayed humid for the first day we were camping. At night when it was cooler, the tent provided great warmth for me and my family.

I don’t like that the mesh screen doors of the tent does not have a fabric cover like most tents. That means that if you have the vestibule doors open, people walking by can see inside. When I had to do a change of clothes, I had to make sure that I stayed in a corner so people wouldn’t see me. This was annoying!

I really like the vestibule. It’s spacious and provided ample protection from the sun, rain, etc.

I don’t like that this tent is yellow because it attracts way too many bees!

Overall, I give this tent a B- I can definitely see myself using this tent for the more hardcore tent camping that we’ll be doing like in Yellowstone but for Wisconsin camping, I think a pop-up tent would be a better choice.

It looks like The North Face isn’t selling the Kaiju 6 tent anymore but, replaced it with the Wawona 6 Tent which you can purchase here.


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