A Day out with Thomas

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I’m going to try and make this an annual event from now on until Anakin is no longer interested in trains. A Day out with Thomas came to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay again for a week and I was able to snatch some tickets right away when they went on sale. This event isn’t as popular as the Polar Express event in November/December but, if you don’t buy tickets right away then the open-air coach seating usually sells out first. It’s the coach that is closest to Thomas and it’s a flatbed car with screening so the bugs stay out. It was again, another hot and humid day to be outside and I’m glad we got the open-air car because we would have been very uncomfortable in the other enclosed cars. Anakin was awake this year to enjoy the ride around the museum and we were able to see Mr. Tophat (but no pictures since we didn’t want to wait in line). Overall, it’s a fun experience for the kids and totally worth the price. You can pay to park on the neighbor’s lawns or you can park in the streets and walk there like what we did. It’s free and we brought our double stroller (strollers are highly recommended) so it was easier on us. A Day out with Thomas usually is in the middle of June and it’s a week long. Tickets usually go on sale in February.


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