We need a break!

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babyGap Swimsuit, Gymboree swim cap


The Children’s Place dress, babyGap tights, Zara baby moccs


Zara dress, Zara baby moccs


Zara dress and bloomers, Gymboree tights, babyGap oxfords


Mommy: MiracleSuit swimsuit, Mini: babyGap swimsuit and Gymboree swim cap
It’s definitely been awhile since I’ve blogged (breathe, showered, brushed my teeth, etc.) but, I’m excited for the month of April so I just had to jump on and share what’s been happening and what will happen in my life. These past few months into the new year has been really busy for us. My husband has been working nonstop since they acquired a client overseas. So when he gets home late from work, he can’t even relieve me from the kids because he’s so tired. I feel like we both have been drained out to empty shells. This has caused many sleepless nights, frustration which leads to angry fights, and a really unhealthy household. It’s starting to show in our physical appearances as well. Since the weather has been warming up, I have taken the kids outside and to visit their cousins which has helped lighten up the mood and you can definitely see that they’re happier kids. Which is why, when we got the invitation to join my sister inlaws for a day and night in the Dells, we didn’t hesitate to say Yes! We’ve only visited the Dells in the summer and it was only a one day event to one of the big water parks like Noah’s Ark. So this will be our first time at a resort with an indoor water park. I’m so excited and mostly for my kids. We got a 3 bedroom condo for 1 night at a resort and although it’s only 1 night, it’ll be enough to jumpstart our inner summer spirits into high gear!
After the Dells, we then head home for a weekend of celebrations. First on Saturday, our annual Easter egg hunt. Then, on Sunday is Easter and a graduation party for my sister inlaw who graduated with her Masters. It’s a lot of family time but I don’t mind because we were couped up inside all winter long. I was able to pack for my kids but I’m not sure what I’ll be wearing? It’s suppose to be a decent spring weekend so I might just pull out the dresses! I’ll post pictures on my next post!

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