New Year

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Anakin turned 18 months on the 7th and he has grown in just the past few days. His language is continuing to develop. He’s starting to grasp the concept of things a lot better now and he is just overall a fun person to have around! I love watching this kid play all day long. He is so smart and kind. He still loves eating with his hands and boy does he love spaghetti! He loves watching his Minion movies and can reenact almost every scene from part 1 and part 2. I love that he grasps the concept of being in outer space (when Gru flies to the moon) and without anyone telling him! One day, when that scene came on, he just started turning his head and his upper body sideways and upside down like he was in outer space. It was a pretty cool and proud moment for me! He still sleeps in bed with us, mostly because we miss his presence but, he found a special spot on our king size bed. I think when Ruby came into this world and he had to quit nursing cold turkey, he had to cope somehow with not having that comfort to go to sleep. So he resorted to sleeping on his Daddy’s pillow. That’s his special spot and he usually falls asleep right away once he’s there. I love this kid infinite!


Little Miss Ruby is quite the charmer. She’s already smiling and cooing at everyone that holds her. I can tell, she’s going to be a smily happy baby and a talkative one! She’s usually happy but, once she’s mad… watch out! She’ll cry and kick and close her eyes until she feels like it. That’s one thing I’ll have to learn to deal with but, overall, she’s one cool cat. She’s so independent and already adores her brother and Father. I love shopping for her and finding outfit inspirations on Pinterest and Instagram for her. It’s so fun to have a girl but also very dangerous! Everything is just so darn cute!


And while we’re on the subject of outfits, here are some of her key pieces for Spring/Summer 2015.


And while we’re on it, might as well do a fashion stack for Mommy too! 😀

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