Welcome Baby Ruby

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Sorry I’m very late on this post but, as you can imagine, I’ve been very busy with a newborn and a 16 month old. Ruby came into this world on October 20th. She was a very healthy baby and not as quiet as her brother. Anakin got to meet his baby sister a few hours later and at first he really couldn’t figure it out but, once he saw this baby he immediately kissed her and hugged her. He also had his first sleep over at his auntie’s house without Mommy and Daddy. I don’t know if it was worse for him or for us. I missed him terribly and kept him at the hospital with us even though I knew it was a bad decision since we would not be sleeping well but, we did it anyway (we can’t cut the cord yet!).
I’d have to say, this labor did go smoother than Anakin’s but the recovery was a lot harder. My back and tailbone hurt so much from pushing her out, I could not walk at all. It did not help either that my 16 month old still required a lot of attention from me and that my husband only had a week off from work. Ai yah!!! What was I to do? Well, I did what I always do when I need help… I called my Mom!



My Mother was so sweet. She offered to take a week off work to come help me. She was such a great help even though Anakin was being a stinker and I wanted her to stay longer but, she had to go back. I cried and cried the day she left. I really did feel like my world was crumbling down. Postpartum hit me hard with this pregnancy because I had it really good with my first one. With Anakin, my husband took a month off and my recovery was quick. I think having someone there to help you is the tipping point in determining your overall wellness. Either way, I’m plugging ahead with little sleep and little time on my hands now. I have a one month old and a 17 month old now to take care of. I just hope I can divide myself while multiplying myself. Life of a Mother… they say you won’t know until you walk two moons in their shoes.

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