Anakin’s (belated) First Birthday Party

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Thank goodness the spot I reserved had a large umbrella to shade us and protect us from rain sprinkles.

Even though we had a cake for Anakin’s birthday on the roadtrip, we felt that since most of our family members – including his Grandparents, weren’t able to come with us that we should have a party for him at home. We decided to rent an area at a local swim pool (since there are tons of little kids in our family) and Anakin loves the water! The day came and it was cloudy and although we did get sprinkled on, we still kept swimming and I think the kids didn’t even notice they were being rained on until they got out of the pool to dry off. LOL! Overall, it was a great first birthday for Anakin and we couldn’t be more blessed to have such a huge family to share it with!


Anakin’s Star Wars themed cake from Sam’s Club. Of course the cupcakes were a hit and the first to go!


A little DIY and you have yourself a personalized cute banner for the party. Every body loved this!!!


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