Long Overdue Post – Catch up Time!

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Wow! Sorry, it’s been so long since I last posted an entry. Things have been kinda hectic lately, especially since I found out I’ll be having another little one in October! I’ve had all sorts of morning and motion sickness and actually lost 10 pounds in the first trimester of this pregnancy. I’m well into my 21st week now and feeling much better. I probably gained all that weight back. Here’s a few things that has happened since the last I posted …

Anakin’s Baptism

We had Anakin baptized in the Catholic community on Easter Sunday. He was a total brat that day and would not stop crying and fussing. It was horrible. Everyone there probably thought he was the devil by the way he acted and would not stop. We have it all on video too. I’m going to use it as blackmail one day.

We also just recently got back from a long 10 day roadtrip to Colorado. It was our first vacation as a family and for Kao and I, it was unfamiliar territory. We were blessed for almost 10 years without having to deal with a baby when it came to our vacation. I’m glad we took full advantage of those years! Having to pack for a baby is so so difficult. You read about it online and hear stories but, when you actually have to do it – man, is it an eye-opening experience! I think it was more difficult that we had 3 other family members tag along with us in our tent and car. I think the next roadtrip, it’ll just be us. We will have a lot more room that way. It was just way too cramped for me, especially being pregnant and all.
We did get to celebrate Anakin’s first birthday on the roadtrip though and in the Rocky Mountain National Park no less! I hope he will remember this forever because I have lots of pictures and videos to show him when he’s older!
A family roadtrip would not be complete without a family picture by the NP signs


I love this picture Kao took of us. This was our first scenic picture opportunity before driving into Rocky Mountain National Park.


Going off to take some pictures…


Our campsite had beautiful views all around.


Anakin’s cake we bought at Safeway in Estes Park.


Anakin Sandwich!!!


Eating cake


Perfect day for a photo op in Moraine Park, RMNP.
After our 4 day stay in the Rocky Mountain National Park, we headed south to the Great Sand Dunes National Park (actually, we stayed 1 night in Denver before heading down). Unfortunately, we were met with cold, and very windy weather down in the Great Sand Dunes. Good thing we only stayed 1 night. And of course, the next day when we left, it was all sunny and chill. Just our luck! We made the most of it though and now we can cross off another national park off our list. Next up, Yosemite or Acadia National Park.


So windy, our tent almost flew away.


Medano creek was flowing with lukewarm water.


Snot shooting out of our babies’ noses all the time!


The Sand Dunes behind us.


Good bye! Till next time… May the Force be With You.

I already have so many things planned for this Summer that it’s kinda ridiculous! My sister who lives in California, will be visiting for 3 weeks in the beginning of July. Then, there’s the Farmer’s Markets which I look forward to every summer. And brand new this year are the Movies in the Park series in De Pere this Summer. I don’t know how I’ll hold up with being so pregnant but I’m excited!


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