Valentines Day Card

Look at these adorable little hands! I can’t believe he stayed still for me while I traced his hands. It was a lot of work but well worth it! Here’s what you’ll need to get started with your own special Valentines Card:
– White card stock paper (to print the Valentines heart card and your photo on)
– Red and Pink construction paper
– Scissors
– Double sided tape
– Pen
– Envelopes

First thing I did was trace his hands onto the construction paper and cut out. Then I measured the palm to see how big of hearts I needed to fit. Then I cut out tiny hearts. 
I went to illustrator and created a heart card with “Peek-a-Boo! I love you!” and printed those out on the white card stock (size of heart card is 6″ x 4.125″). I then chose a photo of Anakin and printed and cut those out (size of photo is 3″ x 2″). 
I then placed 1 strip of double sided tape in the middle of the back of the photo. And then, I took another strip of tape and taped it half way horizontally – leaving the other half sticking out. I then taped one of his cut out hands to it and then secured the heart to it. Repeat on opposite side. 
And that’s it! Feel free to get as creative as you can with this! I can’t wait to send these out to his aunties and cousins! Do you celebrate Valentines Day and what crafts are you planning to do with your little ones? 

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