Anakin Lucky No 7

This little guy isn’t so very little anymore once you get to know him and see his big personality! He’s definitely a little ball of fire. Mama can’t wait till you start to crawl (yeah right!). Here’s what he’s up to…

– This guy can sit by himself just fine now with no help. He wants to crawl to bad that sometimes he will lunge forward for something and get a major faceplant. He’ll cry of course but he gets over it quick.

– He loves eating real food. Pho. Ramen Noodles. Rice. Yeah… this guy will hopefully develop a great taste and not be picky like his Daddy.

– He loves to splash water with his hands. In fact, he will push away all his water toys just to make room for his big splashes.

– He talks a lot now. A lot of “Baaa Baa Ba”. I’m trying hard to teach him MaaaaMa. DaaaaDa. But that doesn’t seem to interest him as much as BaaaBa.

– He just got over a nasty cold (so did Mama) and we’re both doing fine now. He’s back to his usual smily self. No more sick kids coming for visits! LOL.

– He can also eat those cereal snacks now. He loves them so much that even though he was sick, he still tried to eat as much as he could. Unfortunately, he spit it all back out, but he tried!

Anakin… you’re growing up so fast. Mama can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings for you and for all of us. We are so blessed that God gave you to us and now our lives are no longer full of silence. We pray that you have great health and that you remain humble in whatever you pursue. We also pray that you never lose the passion for adventure and that you’ll always treat everyone you come across with respect and love. We love you so much!

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