Half-way mark!

This is an overdue post but I just wanted to share with you Ani’s growth into his 6 months.

– He can now sit up for a period of time without falling over. He can also, twist his body to reach for things while in the sitting position.
– He is now eating baby food 3 times a day and is sometimes eating softened rice with me. He loves watching his mommy and daddy eat. He’ll even salivate sometimes.
– He is starting to recognize faces and is starting to develop separation anxiety from his mommy.
– He is very ticklish, especially in the neck and tummy area.
– He will sometimes have these laughing spells where he will laugh at the weirdest objects and sounds. He will laugh non-stop!
– He knows how each toy I give him works. The ones that rattles, he will hold it in one hand and wave it around in the air in order to make it rattle with noise. What a genius baby!
– He hates getting dressed.
– He loves bath time. He loves playing with his bath toys and especially loves splashing the water with his hands and feet.
– He can say “Maaa-Ma” now and I know he’s calling for me! ;D

Here is his birth announcement that I was a little late of mailing/posting but here it is nonetheless!

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