5 Months of Bliss!

Seriously, can my little monster get any cuter?!! He is perfect in every which way. I love this little dude so so much! He turned 5 months on November 7th and here is an update on how fast he is growing. It’s so bittersweet…

He can roll back and forth now. That’s how he travels from one side of the room to the other. It’s amazing! LOL.

He loves his Innobaby Teether/Rattler (that was in his Citrus Lane October box). He knows how to reach for it, grab it, and chew on it like a grown adult! Other mothers are so impressed by his knowledge to play and interact with toys. I can tell, this kid is going to love toys and gadgets like his Daddy (and me)!

He’s got a temper like his Mommy. Let’s just leave it at that. Haha.

He loves trying to bite and eat people’s faces. He will literally go at their faces like a zombie baby and he comes with the sound effects too. LOL!

He can almost sit up by himself. I can’t wait until he can. Once he can sit up by himself, I will start him on baby food. I think I will cry once I do because it just means he’s growing up – again, it’s bittersweet.

He smiles and smiles all the time – to family and to strangers. This kid is such a happy baby and very social. I love this aspect about him. I hope this part never dies from his personality.

As the holidays approaches, I get more and more excited because of this little guy who is now a part of my life. He does make this light of mine glow brighter. I’m so blessed to finally have him a part of my life. Thank you God for giving him to me.

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