Babywearing Event

Babywearing International of NorthEastern Wisconsin

I attended the Babywearing International of NorthEastern Wisconsin‘s event on Saturday with some friends of mine to learn more about the types of baby carriers were out there and to test and see which one was best for me and my needs. It was a fun and educational event at the Green BayBeez learning center (connected to their store). I was especially interested in the wraps like the Wrapsody Hybrid stretch. It looks like a long piece of fabric but boy can it be turned into an amazing baby carrier! It looks so easy too! I will have to look more into these wraps and hopefully buy one before Ani gets to be too big for one. Thanks again BWI-NEW for hosting these events!

Babywearing International of NorthEastern Wisconsin
Here’s my friend Mai and her baby boy in a ringsling carrier. 

And here is the Hmong baby carriers. These carriers are like the Korean Podaegi baby carriers and most of these carriers are passed down from generation to generation and handsewn/stitched with symbols that represent their family ties/clans. If you’re lucky to be gifted with one, then treasure it for all time. I was lucky enough to receive this one from my Mother in-law, and another one from my Mother for my baby shower. My Mother’s is a little bit bigger so I’m planning on using that one for Ani when he’s bigger. What’s a baby carrier that you love?

Hmong Baby Carrier
On left: my sister with the baby carrier that our Mother gifted her for her first born and on the right, me with the carrier that my Mother in-law gifted me.

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