International Babywearing Week

Get carried away! International Babywearing Week starts tomorrow and ends on the 13th. I will be using my Hmong baby carrier that my Mother in-law gifted us with at the baby shower. It’s versatile because it can carry baby in front when he/she is an infant and when baby gets older you can carry him/her on your back. You can also keep the infants legs together instead of splitting them apart like in the Bijorn and other carriers like it. The Hmong people believe that an infant is not strong enough to spread their legs yet until they’re about 5-6 months of age. So I will still be using this one for another month or until I feel like Anakin is stronger. With the Hmong baby carriers though, it takes a little skill to put baby in and tie it on, but once you learn how to, it is so easy.

I’ll be needing a regular baby carrier soon since baby is getting bigger and will be hiking with us when he turns one next Summer. That task is as daunting as buying any other baby gear – there’s just way too many selections/styles available. Any suggestions?

Hmong Baby Carrier
If you are around this area, the Babywearing International of NorthEastern Wisconsin  is hosting an event at the Green Baybeez family learning center. Here are the event details:

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