Apple Orchard

We planned a family day at the apple orchard and got a little worried towards the end of the week because of the weather but today turned out to be a delightful surprise with the weather being in the low 70’s with tons of sunshine! We could not have asked for better weather. We decided to try out a local apple orchard that have received many rave reviews on my Mommy FB groups. It was only 15 minutes away from where we lived anyway versus the one we usually go to which is 40 minutes away. Apple Valley Orchard turned out to be better than what we had expected! Since the weather was perfect that day, it seemed like the entire city turned out too but, the parking was plentiful and they have staff that directs traffic and parking – which was helpful. The apple orchard was huge! There is a pick up area where you wait for the large tractor to come get you. You hop on and it takes you around the orchard to drop you off where you want to pick your apples. Then, when it comes back around, you can hop back on and bring your pickings to be weighed and paid for. The only thing that you’ll need is to bring your own bags since they don’t provide any. I think this will be a great marketing tool if they did have their own bags with their logo, website, phone, etc. on it. Maybe in the near future they will provide some?

Apple Valley Orchard, De Pere, WI
On the tractor ride through the orchard.
Apple Valley Orchard, De Pere, WI
Staying cool in the shade.

After you pay for your apples, you can go inside their shop and browse some crafts and homemade jams, pies, etc. Then, you’ll have to stop by the bakery section and try like – every single item they have baked that day! Its all made with apples of course but my favorite is the apple dumplings. Yum! Thinking about it makes my mouth watery.

Apple Valley Orchard, De Pere, WI

Apple Valley Orchard, De Pere, WI

There is also a pumpkin patch area (pumpkins are already picked and grouped by size with price) where you can pick out some pumpkins. And a play area with a cool wooden train where kids can jump on. All FREE! I am planning on going back this weekend just to eat the baked goods again. haha. Overall, Apple Valley Orchard is a good place to take your family out for a fun, apple picking day. Just remember to bring your own bags/baskets for the apples and be patient since this is a pretty popular apple orchard. Have fun!

Apple Valley Orchard, De Pere, WI

Apple Valley Orchard, De Pere, WI

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