Look who’s 3 months old…

Anakin 3 Months Old
Anakin turned 3 months old today. Time DOES fly by oh so fast… my dear Ani is already 3 months. *sniff*sniff* Please help me find a way to stop time…
Anakin is big enough to be carried around in a traditional Hmong baby carrier (the one in the picture above was a gift from my Mother in-law). He likes to be carried like this all day and usually falls alseep within 30 minutes. He doesn’t fuss either. He loves being close to Mommy’s heart.
He also still enjoys reading time. I realized that I don’t have that many board books – only two! I need to go shopping for more. I like these board books because now that he’s a drooler, the books don’t get ruined and he won’t hurt himself if he gets a hold of the pages. 
Dear Anakin,
Mommy can’t believe that you’re growing so fast. It just seemed like yesterday that your Daddy and I brought you home from the hospital. You were so tiny that it looked like you were going to slip out of your buckles in your carseat. The clothes you had on were too big on you so we had to roll up the sleeves and your pants. Then one day, you just wouldn’t fit into them anymore. It all seemed so fast… 
Now you can talk back to Mommy and smile your big smile with your crinkled nose. Mommy can’t wait until you can laugh uncontrollably and when mommy can find your ticklish spot.
I love it when you wake up in the morning you never cry… You just stretch out your limbs and blink until Mommy comes in your sight then you smile your big smile at me. I love you so so much, my dear Ani.

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