Citrus Lane – August 2013

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I received my first Citrus Lane box on Saturday and here is what I received:
* FabKids free trial offer – value $39.95
From what I’ve been reading about Citrus Lane, they seem to have themes for their boxes. Their theme for August 2013 is “Back to School”. Which would be nice for parents who do have kids going to school but, for me – it was questionable what would be in my box since my son is only 2 months old. So, when I received this box, I already had an idea that included would be a book of some sort which was right on. I like the book I received because it is a thick book full of colorful images. I love reading to Anakin and I can’t wait to read this to him tonight. The other item I enjoyed was the Lion Little Stacker from Rich Frog. It’s a soft toy that I can use to play with Anakin and when he is a bit older, he will enjoy playing with it by himself.
These 2 items I didn’t mind but I was not excited for them. The bottle strap from Ah Goo Baby would be nice for a 6 month old and up. I feel like my baby is too young to use this now since he can’t hold a bottle yet but it will be nice for when he can start. The sanitizing wipes from CleanWell is great but I am still getting used to the smell. I received the orange vanilla scented bottle and its got a very strong smell. I like the wipes though- it does clean well.
And these last 2 items were my least favorite. I haven’t tried the diaper rash cream from Waleda yet because I’m currently using The Honest Company’s Healing Balm and its working on my son’s rash so I don’t want to mix anything else into his diaper changing routine. Then, the free trial from FabKids is useless for me cause their outfits start at size 2T. I will most likely see if anyone I know wants the code to try out their service.
August box items estimated costs = $35.93 (not including the Diaper Rash samples and the FabKids Free trial offer)
I paid $12.50 (New members get 50% off their first box with the code “TAKEHALF”) for my box. So, overall I’d say I got a good deal.
Monthly subscriptions can be purchased 4 different ways:
1. Monthly subscriptions = $25/box billed monthly and cancel anytime
2. 3 Month subscription = $25/box paid upfront and renews automatically
3. 6 Month subscription = $21/box paid upfront and renews automatically
4. 1 Year subscription = $21/box

If you are interested in trying out this service, please use my link here and subscribe. Remember, new members get 50% off with the code “TAKEHALF” (not sure how long this offer will last?). These care packages are personalized to age and stage of your child and it’s free shipping!



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