My Labor Story

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I was induced on Friday, June 7th and had baby at 5:11pm. We decided to get induced at 39 weeks because I had developed Gestational Diabetes and PUPPP – so there was a health reason. Otherwise, I had wanted everything to come as natural as possible. Here’s a timeline of my labor.
6am – arrived at hospital
7am – got ready to have IV put in
8am – started pitocin
12pm – had my membrane ruptured
3pm – started feeling real pain
4:50 pm – ready to push
5:11 pm – baby is here
I’m proud to say that I had this baby all natural. Probably not the wisest thing to do for my first labor but certainly courageous! Unfortunately, baby’s heart-rate was dropping when I started pushing so when he arrived, the nurse whisked him away to check his vitals so I was not able to hold him right away. Which I was pretty upset about but at the time, I was so tired and hungry and exhausted that it didn’t seem long until he was finally in my arms.
I did take advantage of the whirlpool in my suite during labor and that helped a lot with relaxation and I was able to dilate as well. I was also very blessed to have a wonderful nurse who seemed like she never left my side and I was blessed to have my two sisters and my mother there in the labor room with me. Funny story is that my husband and I had discussed earlier that we didn’t want anybody else in the room with us but looking back now, I’m glad I decided last minute to have them there. Being first time parents, we needed experienced individuls to help guide us and to help support us through it all.
So my advice for other first time parents would be to get a great support system and to do all your research on labor to help you visualize the end results. In the end, seeing and holding my son for the first time, it was really worth the pain.

Feeling okay at the moment… If your hospital room has a hot tub, USE IT!
Proud Dad holding his son and dressing him up to go home.


Baby Anakin






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