Dear Baby

Here is Mommy’s first letter to you. Mommy meant to do this earlier but Mommy has just been so happy thinking about you that finally, Mommy had a little time to write you this letter. I can feel your kicks get stronger every day. You like to kick and turn around very early in the morning. And it seems like when we have all your aunties and cousins over, you are extremely happy because you start kicking like crazy! I can tell, you will get a long with every body and you will have so much fun playing with your cousins! Appa is especially excited to see you I think because every time he sees me, he touches my belly and hears for your movements. He will be someone good to look up to.

Daddy really wants to feel you move. Every time I feel you move, I try to be still and grab his hands to feel you but, you seem to know because you get very still. Are you teasing Daddy? He would like to feel you too because he loves you so much already. I can’t wait for the day when you will let Daddy feel you move. I hope to capture the look on his face so when you get older, you will understand when I say that Daddy loves you.

We bought you an awesome crib and a changing table. Daddy really enjoyed putting it all together. He’s great at those things! Just like you will be some day. It’s sitting in our room for now because Uncle Kevin is staying with us for a while. When he decides to move out, we will change that room into your room. I can’t wait to start decorating and getting the closet organized for your clothes! You’ve already taken up room in Daddy’s closet. I think he seems to enjoy it though. 

Mommy and Daddy went crazy and bought you so much clothes already but, you are truly blessed to have such loving aunties that they’ve bought you stuff already too! Auntie Ka got you your take-home outfit for when we bring you home from the hospital and Auntie Kuey got you two cute onesies, perfect for winter because they’re long-sleeved! And Daddy went crazy on the Star Wars toys! 

Last weekend, when we went to go visit Auntie Ka in Minnesota, we stopped by the Hmong ABC store and bought you a book. It’s called, The Myth of the Owl – Dab Neeg Hais Txog Plas. Daddy didn’t like the translation of the book because he said your Great-Grandma told the story a lot better. Right now, I’m reading you, The Little Prince, and Daddy is reading you Shel Silverstein poems. I know you like us reading to you because you move around a lot when you hear Mommy and Daddy’s voice.

Grandpa and Grandma helped us pick out a Hmong name for you. Mommy and Daddy liked Grandpa’s name more so we will probably use his. 

Right now, we are just counting down the days till we get to hold you in our arms and kiss you any time we want! Baby, I love you so much already.





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